Shen Yun Review: “The Director Must Be Extraordinary”


“The Shen Yun director…I read the program before we came in and thought, wow this man must be really extraordinary. But once you see what he has produced…I am absolutely in awe. I’m glad that I lived in a time where I can see his productions, instead of just reading about them in a history book…because they will be in a history book someday…because this is extraordinary. I’m honored to be able to see that in my lifetime. To see an artist of his caliber…bringing together a company like this, and this kind production to share this kind of performance…As an archaeologist, I look at culture with a perspective across thousands of years. So I see how today is a time where so much beauty is being destroyed…in our arts, in our architecture, but also in our cultural manners, in the way we treat each other, and in our media certainly. And to see Shen Yun work so hard to bring back the best that civilization has ever created…Chinese civilization is so powerful. And to see that so much has been lost but so much has been saved. Shen Yun has saved so much before it was too late. ”


David West Reynolds, NYT Bestselling Author

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