Monkey King Captures Pigsy – From Journey to the West

Pigsy, one of the most memorable characters from Journey to the West, was once an admiral in the heavens, in charge of 80,000 sailors. But after getting drunk and making advances toward the moon goddess Chang’e, he was flogged 2,000 times and banished to the mortal world, where he was born as a humanoid pig. 

Pigsy, now a monster among men, makes his new home in a cave on Fuling Mountain. One day, the goddess Guan Yin happens by. She is en route to the Tang Dynasty capital, searching for people willing to make a dangerous journey westward to collect Buddhist scriptures. Guan Yin convinces the remorseful Pigsy to become a monk and join the quest. “Wait for the other pilgrims,” she tells him.

But the lustful Pigsy has a hard time mending his ways. He goes to nearby Gaolao Village, where he tries kidnapping a young lady, planning to force her into marrying him. 

Just at that moment, the Monkey King and Tang Monk, already on their quest, pass by. Seeing Pigsy’s evil scheme, the magical Monkey King fights and defeats him. Just then it is discovered that he and the Monkey King are, in fact, intended to be brethren on the same journey. On the spot, Pigsy converts and becomes a disciple of the Tang Monk, setting off with him and the Monkey King toward ancient India.


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