Shen Yun Review:”What we need during these times right now!”

“It’s life-changing because, visually, everyone’s coming together on stage, to show you that the history and the idea of the arts, and respecting the arts, clearly have made all of the country a better place. And the arts make the entire world a better place… It’s just so historical, something, being 91, I didn’t know! So I learned a whole lot, and I think we’re [Chinese] great people… They gave us a sense of what China was really like, and we had no idea. Even with pictures and dance you can pick up so much from it—history—no words have to be told… Their abilities, their connection, the fluidity, it’s, it’s just mindblowing! It’s so incredible. And the fact that it’s so uplifting, and full of joy, and full of inspiration is how it should be. That’s what we need during these times right now! Definitely… We’re caught up in a lot of the MTV generation, lots of pain, and lots of sadness. So when you come to a place where everyone understands that you’ve got to find it from within—and heavenly, from the heavens as well—how to be better, when everyone is joyous and everyone shares, and everyone tries to uplift everybody else, the world is a better place. And that’s what I think Shen Yun does… It’s a wonderful performance, and I’d love to see it over and over and over again!”


Denyse Jones & Alyce Jones, sustainability designer (daughter) & mother (91)

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